The Office

Our office is located at 3510 Old Halifax Road (across from Wal-Mart) in a remodeled 1950's house.  Please drop by for water, soda, chocolates and a swing on the porch.  Enjoy watching the birds bathe, and the squirrels play.  We know buying and selling can be a stressful experience, and we try hard to make the transaction run as smoothly as possible.  We have a well-trained staff to handle the multitude of details involved.


The Marque

We want people to know we work hard to be the best real estate firm in town.  Attention to detail is important in our business.   So is caring about customers and clients.  We hope our marquee sign gives this message.   No effort is too great to make our clients and customers feel at home.



The Reception Area

We want people to feel welcomed and "at home" when they walk into our office.  We listen to our customers and clients when they tell us what their needs are.  We want to help people fulfill their dreams.




Honey & Jim's Office

We go to great links to make our office still like to create an atmosphere where people can feel relaxed.


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